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The Buffer Of Time and Manifesting Anything You Want

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One thing I find particularly fascinating is “time”. Even as a kid I saw a problem with our linear concept of time. I did somehow see that there is only a present now moment and future and past are thoughts.

I’m not saying I am a luminous teacher of a new world religion – but I am saying that I saw it with an uncluttered child’s mind.

And, the more I ponder this, the more I understand life and the easier my existence is.

What’s even more fascinating to me – and this is new to me, sort of – is how there is a thin “veil” separating that which is an idea and that which has manifested physically.

Is hunger out there or inside? Inside of course. We as humans can relate together because we are made of the same stuff so we can agree on hunger being a “thing” – but it is and inside experience.

The same for the feelings and perception of things like elation, happiness, sadness, tiredness, – and so on. The point is that these are not feelings outside our bodies and minds.

Couldn’t the same be true for time? Time is just an idea we have. An every present now that we see in a linear fashion.

“Yesterday it rained” – imagined in the NOW
“Now it is hot outside” – perceived in the NOW
“I have to work tomorrow” – imagined in the NOW

As you can see, all is in the NOW. Your thoughts of what was, and what will be are just your thoughts.

I see this incorrect notion of linear time in music – when musicians incorrectly think a groove can be gotten from a steady flow of beats spaced exactly far enough apart, the way a computer or metronome would.

Often you’ll find no feeling or groove there. Just listen to the radio these days- perfect time and no grooove. Playing a deep groove has more to do with being in a spiritual / musical place, a yummy NOW moment, which humans attempt to translate in a linear fashion.

Here’s where it gets really cool for me, these days. We can manifest ANYTHING we think of (and do). Time is essentially a buffer that we experience, but it is an illusion.

Let’s start with something easy – at least for me. Please follow me.

As I sit here, I get an idea. “Boy I’d love a cup of coffee”.

Does the coffee exist yet? No. Ok, it is an idea, a mental picture. Can we agree on that?

Assuming I want it bad enough, I go to the fridge, get the ground coffee, clean the French press and boil water. Take out the milk, take out a mug…and in about 10 minutes I got from the idea of coffee to a manifestation of coffee.

I am not a pro philosopher by any stretch, but I am deeply fascinated by this.

The thought or image—> Buffer —-> Manifestation

Let’s look and imagine further:

The coffee could be anything – money, a car, a dog, a house, a mate – you name it.

The 10 minutes could be 2 seconds (I want a pretzel from the snack bowl) or 10 years (I want a career as a dentist )

AND – the work to do it can happen by itself, once the desire is launched. For example, you are seeking a pair of olive PUMA sneakers with an orange stripe. You don’t go out looking actively for the shoes, but the desire is launched.

You are out on a nice day, strolling past a store you’ve never seen, and BANG! There are the sneakers, exactly as you had envisioned them. They didn’t find you by magic – you are simply “tuned into” them and out of the 1000 varieties at that store, you found exactly what you sought. The sneakers appeared effortlessly. Your radar was up for those sneakers and you did not have to “go out there and get ’em!!”.

The key of course is that you are in a state of allowing what you have asked for, into your life.

So if you say “I want these shoes, but they are much too expensive” – you hold yourself apart from the shoes’ manifestation and they don’t appear. This is a subject unto itself – the undoing of disallowing factors due to emotional buttons getting pushed (survival, approval, control) in order to allow our desires in. Thinking the sneakers are too expensive would be you holding yourself out of vibrational alignment with your desire.

Now if we go back to the notion that time is simply a buffer, there is only a NOW moment – do you see that you can have anything you ask for, instantly? I know this may seem like a stretch, so let’s back up a notch say you can have anything you desire – with absolute certainty.

It is an amazing notion. And I am finding that I can notice something, imagine it, taste it – even before it is here, and know that it is coming, it is on the way and it is certain.

It is personally very interesting indeed to have this knowledge and be launching a new career direction.

Start with something really small – a cup of coffee, a pencil, a newspaper, and go buy it or make it or find it. Next, take note of how a mental image manifested. Then know that you can expand and apply the same law to your wildest hugest desires that you did to the cup of coffee or whatever you manifested.

(This blog started as an idea!)

Look around you. Look at what you are wearing, what you have and so on. Didn’t everything in your life start with an idea?

All that we experience starts in the mind with the image. Thoughts preceed action, and the realm of thought and imagination is key to having the life we desire.

My coffee is done (for real – it’s on the kitchen counter).


Author: Adam Rafferty

Adam Rafferty. Fingerstyle Guitarist. Recording and Concert Artist. Meditator. Philosopher. Lover of Groove.

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