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Forget Time and Be Here Now

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I am going through “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle for the second
time. I believe that he is a living example of that which he talks about,
and is a great spiritual teacher.

Thank you for providing a wonderful example such as Mr. Tolle.

Get ready for what will seem to not make sense at all. It is an


Our linear concept of time does not serve us well in many ways, but
I suppose there is a wisdom and safety in starting out with it. There is nothing
but a big fat now. I have always felt this, and when I read books with any cosmic
truth, especially lately, the resonance in me
is clear.

Ever since I was a little child I saw this problem with the clock.
Right now it is 6:19:40. Right now it is 6:19:55. Right now it is
6:20:15. And now I am proofreading at 6:56:45 am. NOW.

The right now is never the problem. It’s the projection forward or backwards.
I saw – the old ‘right now’ no longer exists, because all that could possibly
be is this ‘right now’. The old right now is an idea. And now becomes the old
“right now” if we think this way. Really it’s just now.

Now, the ‘right’ now has everything in it all at once. The mental boundaries
of past-present-future are fabricated, unreal, imaginary. Just the same way
a curled up rope can be taken for a snake.

Equate everything that you have, are and ever will experience to “white light”.
All the colors of the spectrum are contained within white light. If a
prism were held up to that, you experience “refractions” of that which seem
like different “now” points, or colors. A “now” point is simply a refraction
of the all-that-is “white light”.

This defies how we think. We think the past had to be back then, but it
is right now. The future is right now. The only place that time is a
linear series – is in our minds.

Imagine life as a huge infinite FM radio station. Any frequency can be dialed
in, and all are available to us at anytime.

Imagine the following scenarios as “stations”, for example:

Walking in the mountains
Sending Email
Eating pizza for lunch
Buying shoes
Playing Guitar

Each has a certain vibe and feeling. When we experience these, it is that
we have “tuned in” to that station, so to speak. That “frequency” has
become active. A frequency is either active or dormant.

All things are rising and falling, active and dormant.

So when I hike in the mountains, I don’t perceive the string of time that
got me there, or the events that happened in between now and the last time
I did this activity. I simply perceive the feeling that I know to be the
mountains to be currrently active. I am tuned into the “mountains” radio
station. I feel like I am “back” at the mountain vibe.

How many times have you said “I can remember it just like yesterday”. Well,
“years ago” is closer than you think. Yesterday, years ago, now, and the future
are all right now. Only as humans, we see through the prism and can only
see the so-called “present” moment. To see further than the string of time, an
inner vision must awaken.

Have you ever worked somewhere, gone on vacation, and come back only to
feel that you “never left”? Here’s why: you are actually “tuned in” to the
“station” of your workplace again. Forget the line of time – think “radio

How does the ocean feel about time?

If you run your hand under the water faucet and feel the flow, just think of
how many millions of past-present-futures are happening at once in the now.

Is the first word of this sentence in your past or present?

Is the next sentence in your future or present? How long will it take for
the next sentence to be in your past?

How does my grandmother, who died, feel about time right now?
Where did she go? Where was she before she was born?


Aren’t you starting to see that the rationality of time – past, present
future is just another delusion?

This is evident in music. Go dancing and see what reigns supreme – the high
feeling from being in a groove, or did you count how many bars of music went by?

Stop counting, beats, seconds, minutes, days, years. Be here now.

Defy your own rationality, you’ll be happy you did.


Author: Adam Rafferty

Adam Rafferty. Fingerstyle Guitarist. Recording and Concert Artist. Meditator. Philosopher. Lover of Groove.

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