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Tour Diary – Greetings from Louisville, KY!


Hi Y’all! Yee ha! Today is Tuesday 5/13/08 and I am in sunny Louisville, KY. My apologies for not having written in the last 2 days…

The gig at Patisserie Cafe in Lexington, VA was a joy. Kayla who runs the place is a very special person – and I gotta tell you, being on tour is about “people” not “gigs”. She rounded up a great audience and yep, the music got to ’em. I saw feet tapping and smiles…I’m sure I’ll be back there on the next trip.

Yesterday was a travel day…a LONG one!!! I drove from Lexington VA to Louisville, KY. Unexpectedly I found that Doyle Dykes was in town doing a Taylor guitar clinic, so I made myself go even after some serious driving exhaustion.

Doyle’s youtube videos were an early inspiration to me when I “caught” the fingerpicking bug 2 years ago. It was really cool to meet him, and hear him – and tell him what an inspiration he was and then plop a CD into his hands. He’s really a good ol’ southern player – with deep roots in country and bluegrass, and it’s just so cool to hear anyone play “the real thing” like that!

Here’s the video that knocked me out:

And there I was – in Kentucky seeing Doyle Dykes,and just mesmerized at seeing the “Law of Attraction” manifest people, places and events based around the visions in my mind. Call it what you will, but the outside that was manifesting around me started on the inside…

I heard the Talking Heads lyrics “And now I am asking myself how did I get here?”…it was bizarro for a NY guy to be transported into the middle of this.

In short, it feels good to be out here on the road. At times (got lotsa thinking time behind the wheel) I am asking myself whether or not I’ve lost my mind by giving up aspects of NY to be out here sluggin’ it out.

I am starting to see that you can’t look at any one day and go “Aha!”. It’s kind of like being in school and working towards a degree…one day may not seem like much, but by putting in day after day, over time – you build and accomplish a lot. That’s why I am out here.

Today I’ll take a trip to Berea where I’ll be doing a radio interview with Dave Butler for his show “Innervisions”. Gotta hop off the computer now, the little fingers need to warmup before I play a radio gig…



Author: Adam Rafferty

Adam Rafferty. Fingerstyle Guitarist. Recording and Concert Artist. Meditator. Philosopher. Lover of Groove.

2 thoughts on “Tour Diary – Greetings from Louisville, KY!

  1. Hi Adam!

    What an honor and pleasure to have you visit our small town of Lexington VA in order to play at our Patisserie Cafe!

    I’ve been on a mission to revive Live Music in downtown and having you perform out on our Patio Saturday evening was the highlight of the weekend!

    The pure JOY & Spirit that you express and share with your audience while playing compliments your Amazingly Gifted Talent!

    You made quite the impression on our customers, and I’m still getting e-mails about your performance!

    You are wise beyond your music… you really “get” that life is about the journey, and thank you so much for including our Cafe on your journey.
    You always have a home here to return to!


  2. Hi, Adam!

    What a treat having you spend a couple of nights in Luavl with us. I second everything Kayla said, and have to add that from a musicianly point of view, I’ve never played with anyone who has the whole package that you do: rhythm, spirit, deep knowledge of the instrument and the language, humility, and the great gift of being able to go with the flow and make the people you’re playing with sound better.

    Several of our friends have already checked in to let us know how much they enjoyed you — as a person and as a musician.

    I’m looking forward to more visits in the future.

    All the best,
    Kingsley (and Sally!)

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