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Greetings from CAAS in Nashville, TN!


I am sitting in the Nashville airport on the way home to NYC after having spent 3 uplifting days at the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society convention (CAAS).

I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun this was, and how many wonderful people I met. Not to mention, I heard some of the greatest pickers in the world.

(I will post all the photos on my myspace page soon, so take a look.)

What really thrilled me was to dive into a scene where I knew virtually no one, and within days I was embraced by the guys (and girls) there…I gave some lessons on how I do my solo arrangements – and I got some lessons too!

Buster B. Jones showed me some very cool fingerpicking stuff, gave me insights on rhythm…Tony McManus showed me some wildly beautiful celtic type patterns and techniques.

It was a blast to meet Pete Huttlinger, it felt like meeting an old friend – as we have had what appears to be a similar “jazz background” before entering the acoustic world (he’s been doing it a tad longer though!!!)

I also got to hear Chet’s music more and listen to the older players who are masters of that style. It really has such a happy “sound”. I’ve just been in a great mood from listening to it!

And…the young talent was VERY promising indeed! It was great to see the “young fellas” fired up about guitar.

The whole vibe of the event was upbeat and happy. The intent of all was to make nice music, and there was an overall attitude of camraderie and support.

Mark Pritcher and his team did a fabulous job of hosting a great event…Mark, THANK YOU!

Well…back home to NYC in a few minutes…the plane is boarding…see you soon!


Author: Adam Rafferty

Adam Rafferty. Fingerstyle Guitarist. Recording and Concert Artist. Meditator. Philosopher. Lover of Groove.

5 thoughts on “Greetings from CAAS in Nashville, TN!

  1. Adam;

    It was so great meeting you at CAAS. What a player you are! I am really looking forward to getting more into you, your tunes, your arrangements and your spirit. You’ve got a great soul and it shines through every note.
    All the best,
    Pete Huttlinger

  2. I met you in CAAS and heard you play. You are an amazing guitar player, musician and individual. CAAS is maybe not the final destination for a talent like you but it’s good to know the roots and if you make it as tradition, you will see the benefits. You got alot of lifetime fans already and next year bring some more cd:s to sell. You will have a bright future in acoustic guitar scene. Great stuff!!! Thats all that I can say.

  3. Adam,

    It was fantastic meeting you at CAAS. Wandering into the pickers room and hearing you play was definitely one of the highlights of the weekend for me. You are not only a wonderful player and arranger but you are also a genuinely nice guy who both entertained the attendees and graciously shared your knowledge and arrangements with any player who asked.

    I listened to your CD several times on the way home and the songs never failed to get my foot a tapping and my head a bobbing. I am sure I am just one of many new fans you made this weekend. I definitely look forward to hanging out and seeing you play again!

  4. Hey Adam,

    I owe you one of the biggest thanks for making this year’s CAAS (and the first ever in my case) such a wonderful experience. You are without a doubt a prime example of all those people who make these special 4 days such a pleasure for any attendant, be they fellow pickers or just random wanderers in the halls. Your playing and your tunes were ridiculously out of the scope of what I could’ve ever expected to see or hear, even in an event like the CAAS. You’re doing something truly wonderful! Keep it up!

    Hope to see you again, sometime!

    – Otto

  5. Yes!!
    Wonderful experience at CAAS!!!
    We met many wonderful musicians and many friends…
    We hope to come back next year!!

    With swing!

    Davide Facchini & Anita Camarella from Italy

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