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Adam Rafferty and Friends LIVE @ The Bar Next Door, NYC Gig Review 7/20/08

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Here I go, reviewing my own gigs again. It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it.

Last nights gig was a BLAST, and I hope that everyone had as much fun as I did. The audience was tough to read at first…New Yorkers are a tough bunch, but after the first set I had some believers, for sure. Actually the audience was listening intently, but just not showing a whole lotta love at first. A few Martinis in their bloodstream remedied that though! And…the special guests who performed were a knockout – more on them in a minute!

About the solo stuff…

I got to do a bunch of “first time” tunes. “Billie Jean” was a smashing success. “I Can’t Make You Love Me” – the tune made famous by Bonnie Raitt (I learned that an ex-NFL linebacker wrote it) got me points with the cocktail waitress, so that was good. I also got to perform 2 originals “Ciao Bella” which worked great, and a banjo type tune which well…still needs work!

About the guests…

She’s pretty, she’s got sex appeal, stage presence and actually can sing pretty good too! 🙂 Sabine Kuhlich from Germany sat in on a few tunes on vocals and sounded great. Highlights of her appearance were our Page / Plant trading of blues licks on “Stormy Monday” and an audience participation percussion groove on “So Danca Samba”. Even the bartenders got ice into their Martini shakers and got in on the fun…don’t tell their boss!

Check her out on the web:

Everyone got a taste of one of my favorite American Rock and Roll singer-songwriters (not to mention he’s a savvy record producer) – Jefferson Thomas. Folks, he’s got a vibe that is just real honest, real, and he tells a story when he sings his tunes! I am fortunate to have had Jeff stop by last night. He was scheduled to play Union Square outdoors earlier that day, and due to the heat, his gig was postponed. Hey – great for me, because I could then invite him to come and sit in. He brought a whole new flavor to the show!

And now check him out:

In short it was a fun night for all – the audience and us musicians as well! Isn’t that how it oughta be? I think so…


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