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Adam Rafferty Gig Review @ The Bug Theater – Denver, CO Sept 9, 2008

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Greets friends.  Boy I feel great.  Playing concerts makes me feel human again. After even a few days off from gigs, my skin starts to crawl!!!!

Last Night’s gig at THE BUG THEATER in Denver was really a blast. I teamed up with local songwriter / guitarist  Wayne Gremminger and we played a set each for the audience.

It’s funny – on previous trips to Denver to visit friends I felt myself get very “squirmy” and downright uncomfortable.  Playing a gig here paints an entirely different picture  of the place.

When you are a musician you need to play just like a fish needs water.  I am an addict, what can I say? 🙂

=-=-= About the Gig =-=-=-=-=-

Wayne’s set was an intimate, introspective, gorgeous 45 minutes of music.  He has gone for free to hospices to play music for dying peopple. He’s even traveled to India to play music for dying people at Mother Theresa’s house for the dying – just to give these souls a ray of musical sunshine before they pass on.

That tells me something about his character.

I met Wayne at a friends party and we hit it off immediately.  He expressed to me how much wanted to get back into playing music for people, after not having done it for several years.

Not only am I appreciative that he organized last night (all I had to do was show up and play – imagine that!) but it warms my heart to know that I provided just the motivation he needed to make his comeback performance a reality.

The result?  Everyone wins – I had a blast, Wayne made his comeback and the audience had a great time!!!

Until next time, keep swingin’!


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Adam Rafferty. Fingerstyle Guitarist. Recording and Concert Artist. Meditator. Philosopher. Lover of Groove.

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