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The Miraculous Nature of Manifestation

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Greetings from Cologne Germany!  It is a gorgeous sunny morning and I am drinking a nice hot coffee!

Describing a miraculous experience is impossible in words.  The idea is for you to have this experience yourself, so that you may know of what I truly speak, from within yourself.  Then and only then will you resonate with what I am saying.

It is similar to reading a book about being in love, or reading about joy.  Words can only conjour up images and imaginings,  and are not the experience itself.

It seems that it is all the rage today to learn about the message of manifestation as described in “The Secret” and then become a teacher of it.  Gurus teaching gurus.  But to see it in action, truly see this law function, for big and small, makes one wonder about the meaning of life and the nature of our minds and souls.

The law of manifestation holds true for small things and big things, positive things and negative things – to see that regardless of any label you give it, that what you get is what you envision.   The question then arises, is life an inner experience or an outer experience?  Truth be told, there is no difference between outer and inner.  There is no hiding the inner within the shell of the outer.

Many of the “manifestation” articles, books and movies (and gurus) get their draw by telling you that you can be rich, famous and all that material stuff – which is fine, but it is only a small sliver of the richness of life.  The magic is not in those things.  The miracle is to see the law in action, and be awestruck at it’s miraculous nature.

When you start seeing manifestation occur in your life without strain, without effort – and grounded in a knowing that what you had in mind would of course manifest, your old cosmic view of time, distance, age, separateness and ego starts to crumble and a new view of it all emerges.

This is the indescribable gift, the miracle.

I’d like you to prove the law of manifestation to yourself today, and it can be done quickly easily.  How you observe your everyday life has everything to do with it.  You use this law all the time without realizing it.  It’s as if you are in fact a miracle worker, and don’t know it – so it is time to watch your life differently.

What is something you are planning to do today?

Eat food?
Call someone?
Buy something for yourself or someone else?
Go to work or school?
Tell a friend something?
Brush your teeth?
Practice an instrument?
Finish a term paper?
Do laundry?

Decide on something very small (and seemingly un-miraculous) that may even be part of your routine and just play around with the idea that it has in fact not yet happened, and acknowledge 100% that the picture is in your mind.

One example that I particularly like is getting an item such as a cup of coffee.  I’ll use that here, but you can use anything today as you play around with this.

Pick something very easy so you can watch the manifestation process run smoothly.  Do all the steps I have described, don’t skip anything even if it seems silly.

1. Start by acknowledging that the picture in your mind is THE SAME THING as if it were physical reality.

Say aloud “The picture in my mind is my reality.  My reality is the picture in my mind.  Both are one.”

2.  Envision the item in a picture form or verbal form.  Acceptable modes are 1) seeing it in your mind’s eye 2) seeing on an actual image, such as a vision board 3) writing 4) speaking.  All forms.

Ex:  See the coffee in your mind and acknowledge that it is in your mind and not yet physically present.

Say aloud “I am manifesting the picture of _______ that I have in my mind”.

Remember, this is about seeing this entire manifestation process from start to finish.  This is not  a regurgitation of other teachers methods to get wealth and fame.  Allow yourself to witness the miraculous.

3.  Either make the coffee or buy it.  Really do it if you want to understand these words. Reading alone will not do it.  Do whatever it takes to manifest the coffee.

4.  Look at the coffee that is now in front of you.  Reflect deeply on the fact that your vision became reality and that you can do this again and again, and have in fact been doing this your whole life, and will continue to do so.

You did whatever it took and organized things around your vision to bring it into being.  This is the meaning of “God helps those who help themselves”.

5.  Know that the label you give it “big or small”, “important or unimportant”, “rich or poor”, “miraculous or mundane” is just a description in your mind.  Truth be told, if you have done steps 1 through 4 you have in fact operated the law of manifestation.

6.  Ask yourself where the time between the vision and the manifestation went.  Who experienced the time and where did it go?  When you get insight into the non existence of time, you will see that you can create anything you want and not even see time, money or effort as part of the equation.

7.  Reflect on the miraculousness that you brought forth the thing you envisioned.  If you are unable to see this and feel “big deal, I bought a cup of coffee” then you need to quiet down your mind because that just means you can’t sit still long enough to reflect and see the miracle of this cosmic event!

The coffee is the same thing as your highest goal, your dream of a family, a degree in school, career or anything else.  It is good to see  the process from start to finish with a relatively easy item, and look at the process during each stage.

As I reflect on my life, I see clearly that the origins of everything I have started with visions in my mind.  Some things came (and come) immediately and others take years of work.  Doesn’t matter though.

As a kid who loved the rock band Led Zeppelin, I can remember just “having to have” a Zeppelin t-shirt.  Well, I looked and looked and got one.  “Big deal” you say, “lots of people have those”. My reply is that it IS a big deal and that every one who wanted and sought and got one is a “creator” and has successfully operated the “law of manifestation” by holding the vision and getting one.
That is all for now.

Author: Adam Rafferty

Adam Rafferty. Fingerstyle Guitarist. Recording and Concert Artist. Meditator. Philosopher. Lover of Groove.

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