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Are You Thinking Big Enough? Am I?

Greets friends! I finally have a quiet peaceful moment here in Cologne, Germany. The past 2 weeks have been loaded up with a combination of solo concerts, festival gigs with award winning vocalist Sabine Kuehlich, and 3 recording sessions for our upcoming duo album, tentatively titled “Girl Meets Guitar”.

If you have read any of my posts, you’ll know by now that I am fascinated by the mind & spirit. And while it has become quite “pop” to mention the movie “The Secret” I have spent time investigating the individuals interviewed in the movie.

Since discovering affirmation & visualization techniques I have literally watched my own life unfold in amazement as the visions of my mind pour out into the material world and become “real”. (Actually the vision is just as real, but this way others can see it, and hey it’s fun to materialize stuff!)

Now one of my big questions is “am I thinking big enough?” Why do I ask this? Because I watch in amazement at some of the achievements of others – and no, this is not a “keeping up with the Jones’ ” type thing – it is an inquiry to see how much better I could do.

A few days ago I met a man named Peter Finger. (He’s a guitar player – great name, huh?). Peter not only a fabulous player but he runs the record label “Acoustic Music” which will be putting out the new duo CD.

Peter gave us the tour of the “Acoustic Music” building in Osnabruck, Germany. I eyeballed the building, and thought silently to myself about the vision and imagination required for what he was about to present.

So, in short – he runs a successful record company, plays about 15 concerts a month himself, has a world class recording studio in the building, runs a guitar magazine, organizes the “Open Strings” festival, has a concert stage & series throughout the year, has a guitar shop in the building – and oh by the way, he builds his own guitars too.

WHEW!!!! The lesson I received was – THINK BIG! How much bigger can I think? Are my limits real or imagined?

I was literally in shock for a day wondering how one person could do all this – but all of these accomplishments start as visions or ideas. This was an inspiration of what is possible with a big broad vision!!

So are you shooting for the moon, or are you just shooting for “down the street”? Are you going for it or just getting by? It’s time for all of us to think bigger and bigger, and set fulfilling goals.

Until next time…