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It is all Much Stranger Than We Think; Michael Jackson Remembered

For the past few weeks I have been working on some new Michael Jackson arrangements for solo guitar. “Rock With You” was to be, and will be my next youtube upload. A week ago I sent letters to publishers requesting permissions to create legal guitar tabs for “Billie Jean” and others.

(After writing this blog entry I got the cam out at 6am…here you go. I do, really want to Rock With You)

What’s strange, serendipitous and heartbreaking is that MJ passed away yesterday – June 25, 2009. (Rest in Peace, Michael). He has been so on my mind for the last few years. I was literally dancing a night before for “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” at home, alone (I could not sit still!!!!) and emailed countless videos to friends the past few months. Songs like “I’ll Be There”, “Rock With You”, “Never Can Say Goodbye” and “Billie Jean” have become some of my all time favorite songs ever….

He and some of the old funksters have been my main youtube viewing this past year…James Brown, some Boosty Collins, and old MJ where he is nothing but a little genius of soul.

My grade school schoolmates, after his passing, started a thread on Facebok “wow, remember that party and that year when we danced and sang to ‘Off The Wall’ by Michael?” I am sure there are many…

And what’s strange is how the past becomes the future, how this music connects us so deeply to each other, how it feels “so good” for me to play it…and how these bonds I made with other children as a child myself have not faded into nothingness, but now Facebook is somehow keeping it all alive…and the music was something we all agreed on and loved.

To witness it all is bizarre and makes me think – wow if computers can do this – show me videos, help me rekindle emotions, connect with others, give of my own talents, – God only knows what lies beyond the sheath of what we think is reality.

Hope this makes sense – in how it all makes no sense.

Yours in wonder, awe – and may MJ rest in peace. Thank you for your take on soul, funk, dance and melody.



Savoring Your Accomplishments

Greetings Friends.

As tempted as I am to make this a “plug” for my new DVD, I’d rather once again speak from the heart, and just be a regular guy.

I woke up this morning very early – 5 am – , drifted over to Starbucks at around 6:30 and practically helped them open the place. Over coffee I just sat, and allowed myself to feel good, and accomplished.

Before I get into the accomplishment, and the deliciousness of it, I’d like to convey an anecdote I just read from “The Answer” by John Assaraf and Murray Smith.

“Six frogs are on a lilypad, and one decides to jump off. How many are left?”

If you think 5 frogs are left – that’s good but you are wrong! There are six left. Deciding ain’t the same thing as doing!!!! Get it?

It was very very easy to say, “wow I should make a DVD with Stevie Wonder songs” when I saw that viewers on Youtube dug the tunes.

Ideas and words can happen quickly. Actually doing, takes mental muscle, resolve, and repeated visualization of the goal as if it was achieved.

Things like…

– writing a thesis
– planning a wedding or party
– cooking a Thanksgiving meal
– taking a vacation
– exercising

and more….

are all easy to talk about, but to “do” the rubber must hit the road, so to speak.

I have gained an enormous appreciation for anyone who accomplishes anything. It also makes me want to pay for things and not get a free ride!!!

Enough said. As always, I encourage you to follow your dreams and take action! Nothing is as satisfying as banging out goals and racking up achievements….it’s addicting!!!

In case you’d like to view the sneak preview video, here it is!

Until next time!

– Adam