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How to Meet Adam Rafferty in Your Hometown While on Tour


Friends, I digress from my “meaning of life” blog posts to something a little more hands on.

As many of the Law of Attraction books and teachers say, “Ask and it is Given”. So, I am broadcasting a request to you and the universe, and I have faith in the process! This will be really cool to see this come together!

The joy of my life is traveling, playing music and making new friends. I’d like YOU to be part of it.

I’d like to come and do a live performance just for you in or near your hometown while on tour. I am trying something never before done…using the internet, youtube, twitter and facebook (and emailings) with fans directly.

I am still looking for an official manager and booking agent, so in the meantime I turn to my fans and friends for gig & concert venue suggestions.

Please email concert / gig ideas to

venues [AT] adamrafferty [DOT] com

I am in the process of building up my worldwide touring, and it’s tough work to make all the phone calls digging up gigs, finding good places, etc. You probably know the places close to you that would be good to play.

It can be a concert hall, a club, a church, a school, even a house concert – it would be my pleasure and joy to do a date in your area while on tour. Masterclasses can work too. And hey, let’s not forget music stores, fingerstyle societies, etc.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

A private lesson with me when I come to town – and I can show you songs that I can’t put online due to copyright problems, if you catch my drift!

A lifelong friendship. I love all the folks whom I meet in my travels and touring. This is the real joy.

It’s Quick & Easy – Here’s how to do it!

Even if you only have an idea of a place (or a few) – this does not need to be a gig offer – send an email to

venues [AT] adamrafferty [DOT] com

Of course the more info the better (address contact person, telephone, web url, email) but whatever is easy for you is fine.

Sending them to that address will help me stay organized.

To communicate with me about other stuff, just email me at

adam [AT] adamrafferty [DOT] com

I thank you in advance, and I am excited to see what you and the rest of the fan base come up with. I look forward to meeting you!!!!

Author: Adam Rafferty

Adam Rafferty. Fingerstyle Guitarist. Recording and Concert Artist. Meditator. Philosopher. Lover of Groove.

2 thoughts on “How to Meet Adam Rafferty in Your Hometown While on Tour

  1. Adam,

    Love your style with bass/melody lines. Beyond your technical prowess… you infuse heart. When a musician plays from the heart they will reach hearts. I have been involved with the industry many years from playing to managment/booking and all of the artists that I have been privileged to work with or represent play from the heart. Keep it up!

  2. Adam,

    Have you thought of coming to Singapore, there is a ardent support fans base for Tommy E in Singapore and he has been coming in to perform yearly.
    There is a company called, Maestro Guitar in Singapore that brings Tommy E in for performances. I believe that there are people in here who can’t wait to see you come and perform.
    The last time you made it as far as Thailand, I would have bought a cheap air ticket to see you there if it were not for prior engagement, Singapore is but 2 hrs or less away from Thailand.
    I know I have tons of questions about your MJ’s tunes arrangements. LOL.

    Best regards,

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