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Meditation, Affirmation, Vibration and Groove

In quantum physics, the very very – teeny weeny (the scientific term) small stuff is examined. When we see how the very small behaves – we discover new ideas about how the big stuff behaves. When we see that a photon behaves according to the “observer” we then see that life around us does too, and so on.

Many quantum physicists turn to meditation. Through the study of physics, they actually arrive at similar conclusions that eastern religions, particularly Buddhism, have.

Since I was as young as I can recall I always saw the “time” problem – that clocks do not measure time and that we are in a constant “now”. The idea of time being a string or thread belongs to one mode of our thought. I can recall seeing a second hand move and just thinking “now, now, now” and that the clock was not saying anything real at all.

Imagine if we looked at units of time the way we look at the big and small of the universe and quantum physics. What happens in the smallest moments happens in the biggest moments too, and vice versa. What can we observe?

Did it ever occur to you that if you clap your hands, that sound itself is thousands of moments in time? Don’t believe me? Record it and look at the sound. You can chop it up a million times! Think on this and you’ll see that our notion of what a “moment” in time is is really impossible to measure and is totally relative to our minds.

Did it ever occur to you that you can look back at years and years of time in a single moment? Thousands of people reporting near death experiences indicate that they reviewed their entire lives in a single brief moment.

The measurement of time is strictly part of our apparatus as humans, and has no real absolute value. 15 minutes seems like a lifetime at the post office. A fun activity makes time vanish! And so on.

I am practicing meditation, use affirmations and I set goals. Suddenly I have “peeped” or noticed a thread which binds them together, beautifully. They are the same, when the measurement of time is eliminated!

Meditation as I am practicing it now is a “coming back to the breath”. When the mind wanders and I notice it, I come back. Eventually I hit a flow state, outside time. The main thing to note is the focus of the mind.

Affirmations are something I do daily. Yet the idea is the same, is it not? No matter where my mind is, I am bringing it back to a single point of focus just as I did in meditation – only on a daily basis as opposed to a moment by moment basis. The allowed interval of “non concious focus” is 12 hours (if I say them 2x a day) Isn’t this a sort of meditation on a spread out scale? A regular rhythm and coming back to a mental focus.

Someone once pointed out to me that a musical tone, when slowed down starts to sound like a pulse. When you start a lawn mower you hear the pulse, and as it speeds up we hear the tone. We call these 2 sounds something different, but they are not really different. A high frequency on down to a cycle of thousands of years can still be a groove. “Frequency” is a term relative to our human experience and apparatus but there are high and low frequencies out of the range of our perception. Hearing someone sing an in tune “pitch” is in fact – perfect rhythm.

This is all just food for thought. Just as the quantum physics point to a new idea of behavior of the very large things, maybe we can look at short, fast vibrations of time to understand longer cycles in time, and vice versa.

Maybe in fact meditation, affirmation, vibration, rhythm and groove are different words for ultimately the same thing – just with different frequencies and intervals of time. Even in our regular waking state we often talk about “staying focused” to accomplish things. We set goals and come back to the vision of completed goals to choose our actions of the month, week, day – and down to the moment.

Meditiation is a focus in the moment. Affirmations, going to the gym, practicing an instrument etc are a daily focus. Church, laundry and other things of that nature are a weekly focus. Holidays are a yearly focus. Take time out of the picture and you have focused activity on a regular basis.

Until next time….



Love, Eternity and Watching Life Flow By

Greets Friends.

Just yesterday I got word that my beloved little cat Brina, is diabetic. Ok, no sobbing out there, stop it! I had a cat years ago who was diabetic and yep, it sucks and eventually they die. Most importantly, I’m gonna make sure this little critter gets a lot of love and comfort for her remaining days here which could be weeks, maybe months.

This brings up a lot of feelings of course, and I start to know what I am made of spiritually. It’s easy to say the words “we are all one, we never die, time does not exist, there’s no real losing or winning in life” and so on. But when things do in fact happen in life, the “rubber hits the road” and then we know what we are made of. Words go out the window, and it is time to “walk the walk”.

And now, I am standing on another peak of my spiritual landscape.

I look back and see that a woman with whom I was very serious for 3 years (we’ve been apart for sometime, no worries) is leaving NYC in a few days. My God – my marriage to my ex seems like a lifetime ago. My little kitty will leave soon, as my others have. Goals which were wild dreams but a year ago have been accomplished and are yesterday’s news. Where did it all go? 🙂


I look ahead and of course there are new things coming, new relationships, new music, new experiences as well. Vibrant relationships, joys, music and more experience awaits.

What’s constant is the eternal “flow of life”. The flow never stops. There is this process of watching it all flow by, and as I watch I know this – when the “stuff” of life appears and dissapears, the only real thing left is love. That which remains after all the “Broadway Show” of life is simply love itself – a colorless, invisible essence that is a delicious, essential vibration and the basis of all that we do and strive for.

By seeing what changes, you then can see what doesn’t change and what is eternal. It then becomes clear that Love and Eternity are intertwined, and maybe even perhaps 2 ways to describe the same thing. Maybe they are other ways of describing and/or knowing God. They are certainly closer to knowing the Essence or Source of life than words or imaginings could be because they are an experience – not an idea.

When everything rises and falls, we see that Love alone is real.

Until next time…

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Adam Rafferty – Message to UK Fans & Free Cd Offer

Greets Friends!

This is a big thank you to friends and fans worldwide, but a message especially aimed at my UK based fans. I will be doing some concert dates there April 2-15, 2010.

I get emails constantly asking when I am going to be on tour there and am eager to play there.

This is part of my “full court press” to get the gigging, touring and most importantly – friendship – going full steam ahead there.

Free Autographed CD Offer to UK fans

Just send an email to the email address ukfans at adamrafferty dot com and you’ll get a “secret passphrase” immediately. Of course I will also personally answer your email and we’ll have a nice dialog!

Be the first person at any UK gig to tell me the secret passphrase and you get a FREE autographed CD.

This seems like a fun thing to do. As well, by sending me the email I will get to meet YOU and at a glance see my UK fan base.

Dates are on the itinerary page at

See you on the road! 2 minute video message to UK fans below…


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Diving Back Into Life

Greetings Friends!

Upon returning from my last tour, I felt oddly disconnected when I got back to NYC. Yes it was my apartment – just as I had left it, yet it felt like a memory. Relationships with family, friends and everyone here felt distant as if they were a memory from a past life. I had been away almost 2 months and went from daily European trains, planes, automobiles and people 24/7 to – total silence! AHHHHH! 🙂

When I got back I thought – that’s it. I’m gonna be “the monk” of Jackson Heights. I meditated a lot and looked at the contents of my mind. I didn’t want to go back to the “old life” of running around NYC and the b.s. drama of people, family, and egoic pursuit of anything wearing high heels. The quiet and calm felt great and made me feel very in control.

I then had a good taste of the waters that demonstrate “life is not outside it’s inside”. It’s weirdly and beautifully true when you see without a doubt that you, we, I create our own reality.

We assemble pictures in our minds, an add meaning to them. Even if something out of control happens, we create our story and mental organization of what hits our eyes and ears and we are 100% responsible for the story we tell ourselves. (This is a tough one to swallow.)

I realized that many people don’t get the chance to have this quiet experience that I was having – to sit on top of some kind of peak (which felt a bit lonely) and able to look at life in this quiet, still way. I am not saying it was “deep” or even pleasurable. I am just saying it was quiet and clear(er).

I have no kids, no pressing drama, no madness that I am caught up in the way most people are. Most of my friends and family are caught up in the drama of work, the non stop noise of raising a family, psychotic behavior in their interpersonal relationships, the drama of debt, and so on.

To be honest, the quiet and spaciousness was delightful at times and very disconcerting at other times. I’d feel “now I am free and my spirit can now soar into the heavens”. This would be swiftly complimented with waves of lonliness and wanting to also “have a story”, have human interaction and contact. It was equal parts of pleasure and pain.

It’s a helluva lesson to see that everything is okay in one’s life and negative feelings can still bubble up. It’s the cure to blaming others and blaming circumstances. I had to take a look at this and had to admit that I am not done developing and learning.

The little jolts of pain and lonliness were not something though I just wanted to “squelch” and look away from, repress or escape from. “What is this quiet? What is this lonliness?” I thought. Then I’d see how just with my own thoughts I could change feelings. I could make lonliness vanish without actually having other people involved!

I saw one night that a state of “seeking and wanting” rather than a state of “having and loving” was my own responsibility and that the latter would be an attitude of joy, the former resulting in lonliness.

I noticed also – and amazingly – that all these sensations were all inside, and that I was 100% responsible for my reality. Thoughts and pictures led to emotions, and I get to choose the thoughts and pictures. (Another hard one to swallow.)

Unlike most people whose life feels like a runaway freight train of outer circumstances and blaming other people, I got to take a quiet peaceful and sometimes lonely look at the whole picture. It felt sober and healthy to wake up on some chilly sunny winter mornings by myself and simply “be”, and reduce my “thinking and spinning”.

At that point in my spiritual readings the passages about relationships being “the basis for our growth” started speaking to me and making sense. The next biggie to see is that others (YOU) and myself stem from the same source, and that we are truly “one” in nature and not separate. Thus, having others in my life just allows a deeper inquiry into who I am and why I am here. And, relationships with others will surely show me weak spots the fabric of my personality and psyche.

The joys of giving and receiving, the birth of new friendships, and the sometimes gritty dealings with family and close friends are something I am not done with just yet. I felt it was time to dive back in and saw that the perfect situations for spiritual growth can actually lie in everyday relationships.

Straight ahead! Until next time….


Vision Boards – Tapping True Spiritual Magic

Greets Friends, and Happy New Year.

It’s 8:30 am on New Years morning 2010. I am happy to say that I had a delightful night last night at home, popping in tablature in my computer for a new guitar project. I feel wonderful now, while many are dragging home after a night of partying.

I have had a story in the can for some time, and been wondering if I should put it on my blog, so here goes.

I know that the “religion / spirituality du jour” is the Law of Attraction stuff. It is a pity that so much of it on the net is bastardized to be packaged up and sold as a money making trick – “learn how to be spiritual and you’ll get rich!”.

That’s a pretty shabby and shallow way to look at a binding law of the universe and how we as humans function. I happen to enjoy the more heartfelt teachers of these principles – like Esther and Jerry HIcks. Check them out!

This “Law of Attraction” and visualizations becoming materially real is a law on this plane, just like gravity. You and I use it always, constantly throughout our lives. Allow me to illustrate.

– You want a cup of coffee, and envision it. In minutes you have it.

– You pull up the Google homepage and do a search. You find what you are looking for, and call up a webpage that matches the picture previously in your mind’s eye.

– You see an article of clothing, maybe on someone else that you like. Soon you have a similar article of clothing, but prior to that it was only an image.

– You have an idea to exercise, and find yourself exercising.

The same holds true for big items, and even unwanted items. As Lester Levenson said, the mind is an oven. Put a shoe in the mind, you get a shoe. Put a million dollars in the mind and you get a million dollars.

I have a story for you.

After being inspired by John Assaraf in the hit movie “The Secret”, I started to work on a vision board. At the time, I had just discovered the great guitarist Tommy Emmanuel and been very inspired by his playing. It was a dream of mine to share the stage with Tommy one day.

I went to go see him perform at a venue called “Highline Ballroom” in New York City on June 8, 2008. When I came home, I had the ticket stub in my pocket from the evening.

I had bought the ticket online so along the edge of the ticket, my name was printed on the ticket with the same font.

I then had a silly idea. What if I cut out my name and carefully pasted it over the opening act’s name, so it would read “Tommy Emmanuel and Special Guest Adam Rafferty”. So I got my scissors and tape and got to work. In about 5 minutes I had my new ticket stub.

This felt like the silliest thing I had ever done. After years of playing professionally, making CD’s, and touring – to reduce a huge goal career move to some voodoo just felt crazy and dumb. I dared not tell anyone.

I then tacked it up to my vision board and glance at it every day. (Cork boards at Staples cost about $10)

Adam Rafferty creates Tommy Emmanuel Ticket for Vision Board

Adam Rafferty creates Tommy Emmanuel Ticket for Vision Board

Little did I know that feeling silly is a great symptom, in this case. It sets up what’s called “cognitive dissonance”. The concious and subconcious mind start to disagree and the subconscious mind then works 24/7/365 – even while sleeping – to resolve the dissonance between “what we think it should be” and “what is”.

Plus the mind responds to images – not words. To see my name on the ticket with his was something that sank deep into the mind, more than saying “I’d like to play a concert with him”.

About a month later a friend urged me to go to the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society yearly gathering in Nashville TN. I had no plans or intention to go and on a whim followed his advice and bought a ticket for a weekend in Nashville.

I knew no one there when I arrived, but was quickly greeted by the world of friendly guitar players. They knew me from Youtube. Then one guy approached me and requested that I play him my version of “Chameleon” with human beatbox, so I did.

After a friendly pow wow with him he told me that he had organized concerts for Tommy Emmanuel in Finland and that he’d like to help me by getting me on the gig as a special guest.

The excitement of all of this was wonderful, and the last thing on my mind was a vision board. I thought “No, this was happening because of youtube, my wonderful personality and playing skills and my perseverance.” The vision board was not even a consideration!

As a result of this meeting, I got to perform with Tommy the first time in Helsinki in April 2009. As I was there I had to pinch myself. “Am I living reality or is it all a dream?” I thought. I then went on to do some concerts and touring as a soloist after that.

Upon arriving home in New York City, my eyes glanced at the vision board. I saw the ticket hanging up there. “Oh my God, the vision turned real!” I thought. I started weeping at the awesome power that was demonstrated. This was an awakening.

Every decision along the way started with planting the seed in my mind of that ticket on the vision board. From flying to Nashville right on through to being on stage with the man himself, the cognitive dissonance HAD to get resolved.

This is much deeper than “willpower”. Seeds don’t sprout from willpower.

To know that this is law is powerful, exhilarating and frightening at the same time. I know now that without a doubt I create my reality. Now the question is “what do I want?” because I know that without a doubt, it will all manifest exactly as I envision it.

We are all unbelievable glorious creators that do this constantly, every day, all day. Just like a dog or cat is unaware of gravity, many of us are unaware that every idea, thought and word propels us into what we call “reality”.

Don’t try this because you’ll “get what you want”. Do this and behold the delectable sweetness, magic and majesty of the Creator.

Happy 2010!