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Spring 2010 Tour Highlights, Miracles and Averted Catastrophes


Hey Gang!

I am back in good ol’ NYC and feeling so satisfied and thankful for the incredible European solo guitar tour Feb 27 – Apr 27, 2010. Special thanks to all the friends and fans who came together to make every gig a screaming success!!!

Looking back, here are the “News Headlines” of this unforgattable tour.

The Backpack Incident

Touring alone ain’t easy – so I am on the lookout for a traveling partner / soundman assistant type person. Let me know if you or someone you know may be interested. Traveling alone it is easy to make a mistake – just like this…

On March 5 I had a gig in Eschweiller, Germany. As I was about to step out of the train, the door was broken and would not open. I had to get out and get to the gig…and other riders said “you need to use the other door”.

No problem. I grabbed 2 guitars and my suitcase and ran off the train. Uh oh….where’s my backpack with my laptop, passport, paper train tix AND plane tix, guitar pedals, 2 ipods, 2 cell phones…it’s still on the train heading to Aachen! D’oh!

Just imagine. Your life is on this train as it’s pulling out (different town, but same feeling):

Hallelujah! A young student found it and called me within 15 minutes. Had it been a major city like Brussels I probably could kiss the backpack goodbye. Problem solved…needless to say this young fella got free CDs, DVDs and lifetime admission to any of my concerts…

Roll Over Amadeus! Concert at the Vienna Mozart Haus

As I wrote in a previous blog post, it was a thrill to play in the house in Vienna where Mozart lived. It is there that he and Haydn met. At first I felt apologetic to ol’ Amadeus as I busted out the human beatbox on Herbie Hanckock’s CHAMELEON, and then realized – he would have liked it.

I felt his smile in the room. Thanks Wolfgang!

Oxford Jazz Festival and Big Bang Max

Well, a lot of guys say they’ll give you the shirts off their backs. Actually Max – owner of Big Bang in Oxford London tore his shirt in half for me in the middle of a concert so I could wipe sweat from the bald head o’ mine.

That’s a dedicated fan!!!! Yeah Max!!!

I got to hang there for 2 sold out concerts and 2 late night jazz Jams. Can’t wait to go back for the frighteningly tasty bangers & mash next time!


Yes, I was 3 hours outside London and had a plane ticket all set for London to Berlin on April 16 and then this cute little volcano happened, creating a historic air travel deadlock worse than Sept 11. Luckily I moved quickly to buy a train ticket and made it outta there!

Travel started at 3:30 am after the last UK gig and didn’t stop until 8pm. 17 hours of trains more crowded than NYC subways at rush hour – and straight to soundcheck and the gig in Magdeburg, Germany. The audience and vibes were so great that the gig was one of the best on the tour. Yes, I slept late the next day.

Adam Rafferty at Blue Note Magdeburg April 16, 2010

Adam Rafferty at Blue Note Magdeburg April 16, 2010

SUPERNATURAL Festival – Belgrade, Serbia

Wow. This gig was a milestone…this festival is called the “Woodstock of Serbia” – no less than 3000 people in the crowd, a killer sound system and a non stop party. PA speakers were 3 stories high….beatbox and percussion were awesome through this rig.

That’s the tour in an itty bitty nutshell. Thank you for viewing, listening, reading.

Keep swingin’


Author: Adam Rafferty

Adam Rafferty. Fingerstyle Guitarist. Recording and Concert Artist. Meditator. Philosopher. Lover of Groove.

5 thoughts on “Spring 2010 Tour Highlights, Miracles and Averted Catastrophes

  1. Not even a mention of Oxford Jazz Festival Adam R, and I thought we were your new best friends!
    We had a hoot with you Big Man, many thanks indeed for staying so long and putting on some super gigs!
    Do give a call when you’re back and ensure you’re around, with anyone you think we’d like for Easter 2011 – We’ll always extend the same warm hospitality!

    Max and All!

  2. ClqphY You’re the greatest! JMHO

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