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Adam Rafferty – “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson – Solo Fingerstyle Guitar


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A solo version of one of my favorite Michael Jackson Tunes! It seemed like a cool idea due to the clearly separate bassline and melody! Enjoy!!! Get Free PDF lessons and tabs at:

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Author: Adam Rafferty

Adam Rafferty. Fingerstyle Guitarist. Recording and Concert Artist. Meditator. Philosopher. Lover of Groove.

18 thoughts on “Adam Rafferty – “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson – Solo Fingerstyle Guitar

  1. Very beautiful and touching.

  2. Love your style and have enjoyed you for a while. When are you going to put out an instructional dvd on some of M. Jacksons great songs like this one? You are one of the best. You really inspire me.

    • Thank you. Well, blame the Jackson estate but they are not allowing me to release instruction on Billie Jean.

      I am however doing a J% dvd later this month. Of course at workshops and at private lessons I can teach BJ.

      Sorry for the news. Oh well – the new DVD will be awesome, I promise.


  3. Hi Adam,

    I just am catching up on some of your blog postings – thanks for opening up your life and heart to us. I just caught your May 31st post where you played Billy Jean. Very cool. Very inspiring. I am new to fingerstyle and look forward to playing proficiently and confidently some day. I am a Pastor of Worship Arts here in Toronto Canada and want to use this style of playing in our service one day. Any one book suggestion for a beginner to learn fingerstyle? How can we get you up to our beautiful city some day?



    • Hi Alan

      Wow, thanks. If you have not heard of Doyle Dykes, check him out – he is a fingerstylist who is also a pastor, I believe. I only know him as a player and he’s awesome.

      FYI I have a Christmas Tabs book on the way – that may be of interest.

      I’d love to come up to Toronto. Been there once. If I could nail 3-4 gigs down, I’d be there for sure. Maybe we can scurry something up…

      All the best, thanks for reaching out!


  4. u rock

  5. OMG man wonderful. Absolutely awesome


    Olá Adam, parabens pelo seu trabalho, é muito bom. Sou Brasileiro , Cantor e Compositor e gostaria de enviar uma bossa nova minha para você escutar. Aí está meu email

  7. is there TAB available for Billie Jean?

  8. Hey i’ve wanted to learn some songs with that weird technique u used in the whole song, how u do that? slapping the low E string and picking at the same time o.O any tips plz

  9. What the tuning for your version of Billie Jean?

  10. mate you gotta get your stuff out there.your as good as anyone i’ve seen thats including tommy emmanuel….i’ve been picking for 33 years around australia so please come down here and get yourself noticed cheers from australia

  11. This is so awesome. I gave up guitar playing because I felt that if I was going to do something right, I needed to give it all I had. Soon, other things got in the way. I just may pick it up again.


  12. I love it so much

  13. Could you please send me the playing method to me.
    Thank you very much…
    My mail is :

  14. I am now going to Quit Playing Guitar…you win.

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