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Jackson Five Guitar DVD Update – Video Shoot Done…Edits on the Way!


Greets Friends! I hope you are feeling good and having a great summer so far!

I am back in NYC after all my road travels this year and am buckling down with the JACKSON 5 DVD production. “Lights, camera – action” was last week. This upcoming week myself and the team will be editing ferociously to get this ready as soon as possible.

I’ll post updates as we progress.

I feel really good about this project and one of the most important things to me is the sensation “of a job well done.” I thank you for loving these songs originally posted on YouTube, and commenting in such an encouraging way. I hope that if you are a guitarist, you’ll enjoy learning these solo arrangements.

Here’s one of the tunes that will be on the DVD, fully tabbed and walked through slowly…Enjoy!

These Jackson 5 songs have now been officially “road tested” i.e. all those gigs on tour and hours in hotels playing the arrangements over and over (and over) really paid off.

You’d be amazed how over time, adjusting a fingering here and there “puts the polish” on the tunes. All too often I have uploaded to YouTube too soon after just learning the song – posting rough draft of sorts. The slow brew and aging turns the tunes into “fine wine”. Well, I think I am a proud Daddy! This process really takes time…

You might like to know something quite interesting that most people would never think of – I had to rehearse my spoken teaching through the songs for a week. This was crazy work! Guitar was easy…speaking on camera was hard (at first).

I think all the dust mites and my couch now can play my four Jackson 5 arrangements 🙂 Seriously though, I spoke through the teaching every day for a week so that I could easily clarify points and concepts in front of the camera. Glad I did. The lessons rolled off my tongue pretty easily at the shoot!

At first glance at the playback, the sound and image looked awesome and I suspect this will be a totally kickin’ instructional DVD. You are in for a treat! The coffee did wear off during the last song, but I think we all pulled through 🙂

I’ll post again as the editing is underway to let you know what’s happening and recount comical moments.

Author: Adam Rafferty

Adam Rafferty. Fingerstyle Guitarist. Recording and Concert Artist. Meditator. Philosopher. Lover of Groove.

5 thoughts on “Jackson Five Guitar DVD Update – Video Shoot Done…Edits on the Way!

  1. What is this summer thing you speak of? We are into the throws of winter; it’s been pretty mild to date. Although where I am even a really, really cold day will still reach 15°C(60°F) and it never gets below zero (32°F). By the way, what a funny temperature system you guys run, I can’t understand why you don’t say freezing point is zero degrees, and boiling point is 100!

    Anyway, just piping up to say great to hear about your new instructional DVD. I enjoy hearing your processes in that area as one day I plan on doing an iDVD. I have made two lessons in the past and I know what you mean by rehearsing your teaching – I didn’t, and the lessons sounded like it! Yeah, talking to a camera is much harder than talking to our fellow man. I guess we’ve been talking to other people since we were born; talking to a camera probably represents 0.00001% of a normal person’s life.

    …And recording videos on youtube when you’ve just finished arranging a song, snap! In the first 6 months the way I play things changes, making the 1 month youtube video feel stale and rough. It’s probably a good thing, for starters when the punters hand over cash they feel like they are getting something better than the free version; it humanises the playing, and reminds us of how the music grows. I don’t think any one of my arrangements don’t change in at least a few places every couple of years.

    It’s an indication that we are alive 🙂

    Video and sound quality – you can’t get it too good. I know you’re a bit of a perfectionist in that area, so it doesn’t suprise me to hear of high quality. You shouldn’t talk about it, makes me want to buy a fancy video camera…

    Best wishes with the DVD Adam!

  2. Adam. I´m really looking forward to your new DVD and I will drink a glass of fine wine until it will be finished. You can help us to benefit from the rich flavours and perfumes of this first choice music.
    On acoustic guitar it´s music from the wood. Keep on struggling that hard because I know it will take us higher.

    Have fun and inspiration


  3. yeah man! so glad all the time that is has taken to get this project to be a go has paid off.

    The recording quality of IWYB is superb. So crisp clear and well balanced. And of course a lot of that (most , in fact) has to do with the precision of your playing. The bass line, melody, thumb slaps and inner voice chords are so well balanced.
    Can’t wait to take a stab at this one.


    • Rob

      This is just the youtube vid….wait until you see and hear the new stuff, not to mention I have been playing it a year longer. The chorus is much more lyrical and pretty….I could go on and on….

      I’ll getcha a DVD as soon as they are done!

      – AR

  4. coolness! I did not realize that vid was your original.

    sorry for late reply.
    just saw this….must bot have my alerts properly set.
    see ya soon. Asheville awaits thee!

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