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When You Change One Thought You Change Everything


Yesterday I heard a fascinating message from author and lecturer Gregg Braden as I was looking for interesting quantum-physics type stuff on youtube.

Mr. Braden talks often about the “holgraphic nature” of the universe. Before you start yawning and thinking this is about to be “quantum dribble” read on – this affects you right now and has for your entire life!

You may have seen a holograph on a keychain. Due to light inteference patterns a 3D image is created on a 2D surface. Don’t ask me to explain this to you.

By the way they’ve now figured out how to do this with people – this is too much… Princess Leia, watch out!

What’s fascinating about holographs is that every part of the holograph has the entire image in it….see exceprt from

‘Appropriately enough, the word hologram comes from the Greek words holos,  “whole,” and gramma,  “message.” If a hologram is cut into pieces, each piece projects the entire image, but as if viewed from a smaller subset of angles. ‘

Gregg Braden adds:

‘A holograph is whole and complete unto itself, while is part of an even greater pattern. For example, one cell of your body is whole and complete, and has all the info needed to create another body.’

Wow. Reality gets even weirder when you consider the spiritual implications. If we look at consciousness as holographic in nature, then we are truly one, all viewing reality from a different angle. Just like your finger and nose are not separate…neither are all of us.

Braden goes further and says:

“Anyplace in a hologram where one change is made, it is mirrored throughout the rest of the Hologram.”

Okay…actually this is what caught my attention…if all of what has said thus far is true, one can assume that:

Anything You do or think changes everything
Anything You do or think changes your life
Anything You do or think affects everybody else

The old way of thinking about a “separate me” and the idea that you can do something “in secret” gets blown out of the water. Everything affects everything.

It’s also inspiring to know that engaging (or not engaging) in an activity or thought pattern even just a little bit, will change your life…for example these quick little things will change everything your life:

for better…
10 minutes of meditation
30 minutes of exercise
positive self talk
listening to uplifting music
cleaning up the house

for worse…
having one cigarette
watching violent or graphic tv or video
negative self talk
giving into laziness
believing you are separate from others

It’s just amazing to think that itty bitty little things affect our whole lives and everyone around us.

It certainly inspires me to “straight up and fly right” more and more knowing that what I think are my “silent thoughts” could and do affect people all over the globe.

Any little thing you do changes everything.

Anything you do effects everyone.

Your truth is broadcast everywhere.

There is nowhere to hide.

Until next time, keep swingin!!!



Author: Adam Rafferty

Adam Rafferty. Fingerstyle Guitarist. Recording and Concert Artist. Meditator. Philosopher. Lover of Groove.

5 thoughts on “When You Change One Thought You Change Everything

  1. Whauv, thanks Adam! This thought is very ispiring, I really can feel it… Cheers and keep swinging 😉 Misha

  2. “Your truth is broadcast everywhere.” – WHOA! Very powerful statement. Thanks Adam…this really hits home in a most positive way…:) Take care and be well.


  3. Great thoughts to start off my day in a positive light.
    Thanks, Rob Heinink

  4. Reminds me of something I read about “collective consciousness” whereby everyone’s thoughts are connected and not existing in a vacuum — perhaps a simplistic comparison but just brought it to mind … as for me, gotta work on the negative self talk aspect! Very thought provoking post.


  5. Hi Adam,
    thanks for always sharing your intriguing finds with us here!

    Would love to catch you performing when you are back stateside.

    I’m “home-basing” from Yardley PA these days, as I just sold my cabin in Lexington….

    Sounds like we both have gypsy spirits these days, on the road doing what we love…

    touch in when you are able. would love to hear from you.


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