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The Message in the Music – Part One

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Good Morning Gang!

I very much enjoy listening to interviews of quantum physicists, thinkers and just about anything that bridges science and spirituality.

Last night I listened to a very cool podcast episode of Kelly Howell’s “Theater of the Mind” podcast. Her guest was Rob Bryanton, creator of “Imagining the 10th Dimension” blog and video podcast.

I am subscribed to Rob’s channel on Youtube ( and love listening to him. Sometimes it’s a little over my head, but when I get it, I like it. He has a real smile and sense of humor throughout his work.

In the interview last night I learned something new about Rob. He told a story how for years he simply had these creative thoughts about how our universe is built sitting quietly as his inner thinking. After he had a near death experience (he almost bled to death on an operating table) he knew, upon coming back to consciousness a day later – that he had to “get his message out” and started his book, blog and more.

I found this to be fascinating, and it resonated with me. I have never had an NDE, but I did realize that at some point I had the feeling that no matter what, I had to get my “message out there.”

Many of us have this, and it’s the gusto of life – to live with an ideal, and get our message out there, even if it makes life a little less comfortable sometimes.

“What the heck is my message?” I thought. Then I reflected on my past as a kid, on up to the recent Michael Jackson project.

It then occurred to me. As a little kid, my mom encouraged me to use tracing paper and trace comics like Spiderman, Batman. It was great hand-eye coordination, and f you’re little (3,4,5 years old) it gives an enormous sense of accomplishment to finish a tracing.

As I did it I’d always have the feeling that there’s no “me”. It’s the pencil, the paper and the comic. Yet, when I’d look at the finished product I’d see that there was another “force” or “personality” in the tracing that I did not try to put there, yet it slipped in. This seemed beautifully odd.

Music and drawing (when I did draw) has always been that to me, honestly. I don’t try to put “myself” into it. I simply try to deliver the elements as best I can with the highest degree of accuracy – and that includes the feeling I get from listening or observing.

When I step back and listen to myself recorded, I am amazed at exactly the same thing…that somehow, magically a soul (mine? you decide…) imprints it’s essence onto what was an effort much like using tracing paper.

When others then say “it’s soulful” or “you played with feeling” I secretly know that all I’m doing is trying to do it “right”. The soul-personality-infusion aspect of playing music is a weird, unintentional, magical by product of just trying to be a good cratfsman (or woman).

So, for example with all the Michael Jackson fingerstyle recordings my job efforts were simply to “trace”…to convey the lines of the music, to convey the rhythmic concept, and to watch in amazement as “a personality” or “emotion” makes itself known.

That’s one of the messages in my music…to line up physical reality as perfectly as I can…and behold the unintentional expression of the Unknowable, the Omnipresent, the Omniscient.


Author: Adam Rafferty

Adam Rafferty. Fingerstyle Guitarist. Recording and Concert Artist. Meditator. Philosopher. Lover of Groove.

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