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Garbage Bags and Inner Peace


Recently I found myself on tour in the Toronto airport, itching for a book to read.  I’m kind of a self-help motivational junkie, and the newsstand had a small book that jumped out at me called “How to Save an Hour a Day, Guaranteed” by Michael Heppell.

On first blush, it looked like a quick reference for this type of thing, and I felt “well I have read all this before, but I’ll use this as a quickie reminder.”  I figured for the $20 I’d spend, I’d make it back in saved time.

I needed a little “kick in the pants” and thought perhaps there would be at least one good idea in the book.

Actually, I am really knocked out by this simple little book.  Some organizational books are a real “geometry project.”  With those books, I find myself getting drawn in and then have a hard time following through with the full setup – even if they are more comprehensive.

This book had some quick, but real game changing ideas…here are a few:

1) Define why you want more time. This is a very clever way to get you on track with what you want.  This is the positive pre-cursor to eliminating negatives.  The stronger the motivation with the end in mind, the better you will do.  Hint – don’t skip this step!

2) For a week  track what you do every 15 minutes on a spreadsheet or some type of graph.  I’m 4 days into this, using Excel.  Like a diet, you see where you produce good things, and where you waste time.  The time sheet won’t lie!

This alone for me immediately translated into less time spent online.  The constant “blood letting” of checking email and Facebook got limited to 3 times per day, and I have got a TON more accomplished as an result.

3) Do a deep “clutter clean.”  I remember when I moved in to my place how organized and clean it was – I felt great, free and limitless.   Also, when I go to a hotel room on the road…I can THINK because I don’t have every loose end in my life staring at me.

I highly recommend a deep clutter clean…

  • Anything not used in 6 months…throw out.  Business cards you’ll never enter in the PC or Mac – throw out!!!  Old magazines, clothes you never wear (donate), crap in desk droors, coupons, all of it.  Be merciless and throw it all out.
  • Big things standing in corners?  Get em into a closet so you don’t look at them.
  • Things you use all the time?  Find a home for them, and take em out when you use them.
  • Instruction Manuals?  They can all be found online as PDFs…throw out!

And so on….

4) List your “Time Bandits”.  As I became aware of mine,  I “woke up” immediately and found I had more time. I set the phone to vibrate, put the computer in airplane mode, just to start.

To Sum it Up…

My whole being has simply melted and relaxed into a profoundly peaceful place since doing this.  (Mainly due to the deep clutter clean & purge) I feel it especially as a physical sensation in my solar plexus.  It’s not just “nice” – it’s profound.

This may sound odd, but musically I have grown since doing a deep clean…getting rid of crapola helps one (me) be clear and creative.   Suddenly new music ideas have the space to “pop” into my awareness.

It’s as if I am letting old things go to make room for the new, now that my environment is reflecting that.  Yummalicious!

There’s more in the book, but for now I highly recommend it….and hey – he offers a money back guarantee if you feel the book didn’t help you!

Lastly, the book is written in a way that is easy on the eyes, good subheads…he suggests skimming and scanning, so it need not be read cover to cover (even though I did).

Thumbs up for ” “How to Save an Hour a Day, Guaranteed” by Michael Heppell.

Author: Adam Rafferty

Adam Rafferty. Fingerstyle Guitarist. Recording and Concert Artist. Meditator. Philosopher. Lover of Groove.

8 thoughts on “Garbage Bags and Inner Peace

  1. Thank You for sharing this info. I’m always looking for new ways to unclutter, balance and ground myself to free up my mind so I can be more creative with my stained glass art… I’m going to download this book onto my nook so I don’t have books cluttering my space anymore…LOL Thanks again for sharing Adam…

  2. I will and Thanks Again…

  3. Hey, Adam!
    Thanks bro, glad I took a few minutes to read this post. I’ll soon make up for it …

    The deep clutter cleaning isn’t easy to do, even if essential. It’s a monumental task for the psyche, have to be ready and committed to it, but I’ll bet the payoff is quick and massive.

    Will keep you posted on my progress (in my spare time, of course).

  4. Good words…..much junk and distraction get confused for need and necessity.

  5. Hmmm. It looks like maybe this isn’t available in the states.

  6. Nevermind. I found it. Thanks for the recommendation Adam!

  7. Hi Adam, it’s Alastair from Michael Heppell Ltd here in the UK!

    Great article! It’s brilliant to hear that you not only enjoyed the book but are actively using it in your life. We find that half the battle is actually applying what you learn.

    I’ve passed this link onto Michael and I know he’ll be delighted to read this too.

    FYI – there are a load of free resources to do with the book on our website here:

    Alternatively if anyone has any questions about the book, feel free to drop me a line at

    Thanks again,


    p.s. Yes, we get lots of positive reaction to the ‘deep clean’ in particular. Seems to strike a chord (excuse the pun!)

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