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Perception – Ain’t it a Bitch?


When a bell is struck, it vibrates and then in turn vibrates the air molecules around it.  Waves of air molecules eventually hit one’s eardrum and vibrate the eardrum.

When we hear the sounding bell, we think and perceive the bell as “out there” but the sound is really “in here”.  It’s the eardrums reaction to being hit by the vibrating air molecules.

Isn’t it interesting how we perceive not just sounds – but people, events, smells, sights and all sensations as originating “out there”  when in fact they are inner experiences?

When the line of what’s “out there” and “in here” starts to blur for me it’s actually quite fascinating.  We can change my perception of what’s out there if we want.

Here’s a fun example of how we all have different perceptions of the same “thing” out there.  You may see from this that perception could just be an inner experience.

Today in the Aachen, Germany train station I could not help but notice a very attractive woman…long black hair, (looked freshly blown and straightened from the hair salon), silver hoop earrings,  tight jeans, black boots and a coat with a big furry collar and to boot she had a gorgeous face.  I even got a smile from her.  Hey, what’s not to like?

On board the train, I was asked by a female conductor for my ticket.  I looked up and – oh gosh, it was her!  Huh?

She was an undercover cop, busting riders who thought they’d get away with a free ride on a regional train!

Aha!  If they see an official conductor, that could alert freeloaders to run to the bathroom hideout.  Luckily, I paid for a ticket and got a second chance to flirt.

Off in the distance I heard desperate arguments from riders (one teenage girl rider was almost in tears) followed by my favorite lady cop’s unwavering demands for 50 euro as a penalty.

Talk about a tough cookie!  She was not taking no for an answer.  Her job was to shake people down for money, and she was on the warpath!

In review – someone who boosted my ego and made me feel good today pretty much destroyed a few peoples days and caused them to be upset.

She was the same person all day, but depending on one’s perception, you either liked her or hated her.

Perception – ain’t it a bitch?


Author: Adam Rafferty

Adam Rafferty. Fingerstyle Guitarist. Recording and Concert Artist. Meditator. Philosopher. Lover of Groove.

3 thoughts on “Perception – Ain’t it a Bitch?

  1. Wonderful observation. I’m glad I stopped by to read it.

  2. Beautiful people brighten your day, don’t they?! Good job you had a ticket. I’m sure she’s lovely at home. 🙂

  3. I like that on another day – you may have been running late – no-one in the booth – machine eats your card – you glance at the clock – no time – you leg it down to the platform barely notice the raven haired beauty – the suggestion of eye contact, a fleeting thought, ‘Nice Face!’ Then you’re through the door of the train, fall into a seat; safe!

    Black boots, tight jeans – your gaze continues up, Fur Collar. ‘Hey, it’s nice face!’ But the face in front of you is impatient, the edges hardening as you stumble over your now seemingly flimsy excuse; she’s disbelieving, disparaging and finally demanding of your 50euro compensation. You have no further recourse and reluctantly hand over the money. As she moves away you mutter, very very quietly to yourself, ‘What a bitch!’

    But, the great thing about the emphemeral and internal nature of perception is our ability to change that which previously may have seemed immutable –
    In the aftermath of the above incident, for instance, you could decide to see ‘Nice Face’ as nothing but a total bitch, with a personal vendetta against you and in turn, use this to support a negative view of society and even women? (Glory!)
    Or, you could sit back in your seat, watching as she goes through the same routine with another ticketless passenger and smile wryly to yourself at the ludicrousness of your mad dash and the efficiency of the female,cop, and as the incident becomes nothing more than a self-mocking future anecdote, you think to yourself, ‘Mmm! Nice face!’

    Everything is degrees of perception; nothing inherently right or wrong. Sometimes I think the most difficult part is acknowledging that and recognizing the choice we each have at every level, Sometimes it’s just easier to believe a perceived truth, rather than figure it out for ourselves!
    But then again, I am very, very drunk!

    And may I just add, bearing in mind my last comment, Adam – ticket or no ticket, with your naughty grin and a bit of laid-back charm, I reckon she’d have been putty in your hands, xx

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