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Which Free Bonuses Would You Want with the Upcoming “How To Play Stevie Wonder Fingerstyle Guitar Volume II” DVD?

Hey Guitar Picker!

What free bonuses YOU would like to get with the new upcoming “How to Play Stevie Wonder for Fingerstyle Guitar – Volume II”  DVD?

I need ideas as to what YOU want. Not what I think you want 🙂

Here are just a few cool ideas – and you can leave an idea too!

This is a SHORT survey, with a few checkbox options – will take you less than 2 minutes!

Thanks a MILLION!

Here is the link:

All the best




The “Tweezer Technique” for Fingerstyle Guitar

Hi Gang!

Wow, it’s been a helluva travel time here…I am now back in NYC after 9 weeks on the road in Germany, Austria Belgium and Holland – and Niagra Falls.

Many loyal fans took video at gigs.  When I saw this,  I thought I’d finally share this “secret” technique with you.

I call it the Tweezer Technique.

Normally I don’t show this kind of stuff casually, as it took years and years to develop.  But, I’ve decided it’s time to make this public – and spread the knowledge and joy to all players, and not keep this a secret any longer.

Enjoy!  The Tweezer Technique can be seen at about 3:04  – but it can only be appreciated if you watch from the beginning and see “musical context”  that it is in.

Feel free to use it in your own guitar playing.

Thanks again!  keep on picking….


P.S.  The Stevie Wonder Vol II Arrangements for Fingerstyle Guitar DVD will launch in about a month…so stay tuned! 🙂