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Stevie Wonder Gives the Thumbs Up on the Guitar Arrangements!



Gang, I just got some amazing news….just in time for the launch of the Volume II “How to Play Stevie Wonder Fingerstyle Guitar DVD”…

What I am about to tell you is making me grin ear to ear right now!  I can’t believe it.

A friend and DVD student of mine – guitarist Shaun Hopper was at the L.A. NAMM show and performed solo guitar on the “All Star Guitar Night”.

He had purchased the Vol I of my “Stevie Wonder” DVD series and plays all the material from the DVD. (Shaun is a killer player by the way!)

He performed some of the Stevie Wonder guitar arrangements at NAMM and guess what?

Stevie Wonder himself was there at NAMM, and got word of the solo guitar arrangements!

Stevie and Shaun met – and Stevie loved the arrangements of his music for fingerstyle guitar.  Shaun kindly told Stevie about me & the DVD instruction.

It just don’t get any cooler than that!  Here’s the email & pic….

Hey buddy! Wanted you to know I played the All Star Guitar night in LA. at the NAMM show and stole the show with a standing O!! Thanks to you!!!
I gave you complete credit on the mic in front of 1300 people for teaching the style of Stevie Wonder on the guitar and because of that Stevie had his people come find me today and he wanted to hear more.
I got to play for him and  HE LOVED IT!! I told him I learned from you! Channeling your style made me a one of a kind player at NAMM!! You’re amazing, Adam.

Shaun Hopper and Stevie Wonder

Shaun Hopper and Stevie Wonder at NAMM 2012

Check out Shaun’s Site –

Vol II of “How To Play Stevie Wonder for Fingerstyle Guitar” is coming on June 27…it will have full video instruction & tab booklet for “Isn’t She Lovely”, “Higher Ground”, “My Cherie Amour” and “You Are the Sunshine of My Life”…

Oh yeah – almost forgot!  It will be available at

There will be an introductory offer and limited time package deal (Vol I & II together) on the day of the launch.

Stay tuned – and I’ll see you on June 27, 2012 when the new DVD launches…

Author: Adam Rafferty

Adam Rafferty. Fingerstyle Guitarist. Recording and Concert Artist. Meditator. Philosopher. Lover of Groove.

7 thoughts on “Stevie Wonder Gives the Thumbs Up on the Guitar Arrangements!

  1. OMG, Adam… That is like the coolest thing… Ever!! Congrats, buddy!!

  2. That’s tremendous Adam! Congratulations. You are a testament to what happens when we get down and focus on creating music and taking it out there. Keep on keepin’ on (know you will!)

  3. Adam! This is amazing, though not surprising. You are so gifted and talented, and you inspire me with the way in which you keep putting yourself “out there.”

    Not sure what your fall schedule is but I hope I can get you back here for another house concert. I miss hearing you LIVE!

    Keep up the great work. I know how much time, effort and passion you put into sharing your music with us. You are a joy to watch and listen to!

  4. Awesome Adam!! I was wondering do arrangers also get paid royalties like the way the composers do when another artist use their arrangements of popular songs like yours?

    • Berto

      No I get no royalties. I get to legally create arrangements and sell the stuff I create, but then I pay the publishers a royalty based on the percentage of what I sell. A license agreement is required beforehand.

      Hope that explains it.

      Stay In Touch!


      • really? so that means that anybody can just use your arrangements for their own purposes? You have no protection at all from people using your arrangements of popular songs like for example for your MJ guitar covers ? what if somebody just use them and make their own CD based on your arrangements of them? there’s no way for you to go after them at all? that seems unfair as you also put a lot of time and effort in working out those arrangements.

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