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How To Build Your Own Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangements – Part 1

Hey Gang!

I get asked quite often about how I approach fingerstyle guitar arranging, and suddenly – this simple idea came to mind.

I hope this gives you a little “AHA!”  moment – to brighten your day.

Disclaimer – there is always “more than one way to do it”.  Here’s one approach that I use, 90% of the time.

The Dark Ages Way of Guitar Arranging

Most guitarists come out of a “chord”  approach, which leads to picking patterns on the chord, and ultimately “jimmying”  little melodies on top.

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The Day I Got My Butt Kicked in Harlem

He showed up for his first music lesson with the master, with his saxophone case in hand.

As they chatted for the first time, he told the teacher “I think I am one of the best sax players in town.”

The teacher answered “It would be nice if someone else thought that as well.”


That’s a true story that one of my teachers, Mike Longo told me.  It just goes to show, that when we are in our own little world, we think we’re pretty good.

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