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Adam Rafferty – “Lovely Day” – Bill Withers – Solo Fingerstyle Guitar

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Hey Gang! Here’s the latest funky fingerstyle guitar tune – “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers….enjoy!

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Adam Rafferty and Tommy Emmanuel – “Tenderly” – Helsinki, Finland April 3, 2009

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Greets friends! Vid with Tommy playing a gorgeous version of “Tenderly”. Tommy always says how much he loves the Chet Atkins & Lenny Breau version, & he always tells me to check it out!

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Adam Rafferty – Superstition by Stevie Wonder – Solo Guitar

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Original arrangement of a classic, fun & funky Stevie Wonder Tune!

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Adam Rafferty – “Rock With You” – Michael Jackson – Solo Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar

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Greetings! I had been working on this one now for a few weeks prior to MJ’s untimely death yesterday. What a drag!

Thanks to Youtube I have fallen in love with his music all over again these past couple of years…since the original “Billie Jean” video I made. Tune after tune, I find MJ to be an amazing genius of music. Really!

It was only fitting to video and upload this song today, as it was the next on my list anyway! This is my musical prayer for MJ’s soul, and for the comfort of his family who must be grieving terribly.

I hope you enjoy this music.

MJ You had a tough life, abusive parents, no childhood to speak of and lived with unbelievable stress and emotional damage. May your soul find peace and rest. (Farrah and Ed – may you find rest too…what a week this has been!)

Thank you for the grooves, the melody, the dancing and the soundtrack of my childhood. So many smiles, happy times and parties – even tears, made life feel like “technicolor” thanks to you, MJ.

I played this song on a Cole Clark Fat Lady Guitar (FL 2AC), and recorded audio on a Studio Projects C3 Mic into Digital Performer.

Enjoy, and contact me anytime!!!!

– Adam

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Adam Rafferty – “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson – Solo Fingerstyle Guitar

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A solo version of one of my favorite Michael Jackson Tunes! It seemed like a cool idea due to the clearly separate bassline and melody! Enjoy!!! Get Free PDF lessons and tabs at:

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