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Letting Go


Greetings Friends.

I know it’s been a while since I have written. To be perfectly honest, I like to write when I am spiritually flying, so that I can exude great vibes and raise everyones spirit.

It’s been an exciting, busy successful time since August but it’s been very trying at times, with personal, emotional and physical rough spots. I did not feel right writing. I now feel I am getting back on track, and wanted to reach out to you.

No worries – I am in great shape now, but life is just ….well, life!

This year I had set myself a bunch of goals, and I have achieved them:

1) Release “Chameleon” CD
2) Release the Stevie Wonder DVD
3) Release a Christmas CD (announcement coming soon)
4) Continue Touring

But like anyone who works hard – be it a business owner, a medical student, a stay at home mom – if you do the job at hand, other aspects of life can and often do get stressful. Relationships, a feeling of grounded-ness, and loving care for one’s body easily slip.

What happened yesterday though was amazing. A friend visited me for lunch and he was beaming, as he had just been to Santa Fe. For him it’s a very spritually charged place, and he just looked rejuvanated.

Simply in his presence I listened to him and looked at him, and chose not to speak much. I felt my troubles simple drop. If I started talking, and telling myself “my story” again my tensions would come back.

I saw this ability to simply “let go” which the Release Technique and Sedona Method are based on. It is very deep to see that the feeling about an issue is not the issue. Let me repeat that – becasue it is easy to gloss over this idea. The feeling about something is not the thing.

We can in fact let feelings go and not hang on.

The Release Technique and Sedona Method give specific and awesome techniques of inquiry to facilitate this. In my case yesterday it was more intuitive and spontaneous, but I felt like myself again – in an instant.

I’m black! Err, I mean back……


So friends, I’ll write from the road – I leave for Swizerland tomorrow to play with Jazz Drum Legend Alvin Queen for a week!


Author: Adam Rafferty

Adam Rafferty. Fingerstyle Guitarist. Recording and Concert Artist. Meditator. Philosopher. Lover of Groove.

4 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. Hi Adam. Glad to hear you are doing better and good to read a new post from you. I hope you have much success with your upcoming tour and congrats on the new recordings. I try to keep up to date with your latest stuff via YouTube as well. It’s interesting that you’d post about letting stuff go — I, too, have (this past week, in fact) gone through a rather trying personal time with various issues (family, etc.) that I have a hard time letting go of. As you mentioned, the feeling about an issue (in my case, these feelings get super-charged) is not the issue. It’s very hard to be philosophical and let go, but it can and has to be done to keep one’s perspective AND sanity! In any case, your post gave me a new perspective and for that I thank you.

    Keep making great music and be well.


    • Hey Christine, thanks for your reply. Wow, cool that you follow my stuff….often I write my blog not knowing how many readers I have…or who I have reading. Be well, God bless and I hope our paths cross soon.


  2. Hey Adam, thanks for your prompt reply! Very kind of you … again, best of luck on everything and yes, hope our paths cross soon God willing!


  3. Don’t worry Adam, I’m always reading as well 🙂 Not only because I am an avid amateur fingerstylist, but also because you are a deep thinker. My perceptions do not always line up with yours – but often they do – it’s good to be both challenged with different ideas and have existing ideas confirmed.

    Keep up the good work, and don’t leave us again for so long! 😉

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