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Meditation, Affirmation, Vibration and Groove


In quantum physics, the very very – teeny weeny (the scientific term) small stuff is examined. When we see how the very small behaves – we discover new ideas about how the big stuff behaves. When we see that a photon behaves according to the “observer” we then see that life around us does too, and so on.

Many quantum physicists turn to meditation. Through the study of physics, they actually arrive at similar conclusions that eastern religions, particularly Buddhism, have.

Since I was as young as I can recall I always saw the “time” problem – that clocks do not measure time and that we are in a constant “now”. The idea of time being a string or thread belongs to one mode of our thought. I can recall seeing a second hand move and just thinking “now, now, now” and that the clock was not saying anything real at all.

Imagine if we looked at units of time the way we look at the big and small of the universe and quantum physics. What happens in the smallest moments happens in the biggest moments too, and vice versa. What can we observe?

Did it ever occur to you that if you clap your hands, that sound itself is thousands of moments in time? Don’t believe me? Record it and look at the sound. You can chop it up a million times! Think on this and you’ll see that our notion of what a “moment” in time is is really impossible to measure and is totally relative to our minds.

Did it ever occur to you that you can look back at years and years of time in a single moment? Thousands of people reporting near death experiences indicate that they reviewed their entire lives in a single brief moment.

The measurement of time is strictly part of our apparatus as humans, and has no real absolute value. 15 minutes seems like a lifetime at the post office. A fun activity makes time vanish! And so on.

I am practicing meditation, use affirmations and I set goals. Suddenly I have “peeped” or noticed a thread which binds them together, beautifully. They are the same, when the measurement of time is eliminated!

Meditation as I am practicing it now is a “coming back to the breath”. When the mind wanders and I notice it, I come back. Eventually I hit a flow state, outside time. The main thing to note is the focus of the mind.

Affirmations are something I do daily. Yet the idea is the same, is it not? No matter where my mind is, I am bringing it back to a single point of focus just as I did in meditation – only on a daily basis as opposed to a moment by moment basis. The allowed interval of “non concious focus” is 12 hours (if I say them 2x a day) Isn’t this a sort of meditation on a spread out scale? A regular rhythm and coming back to a mental focus.

Someone once pointed out to me that a musical tone, when slowed down starts to sound like a pulse. When you start a lawn mower you hear the pulse, and as it speeds up we hear the tone. We call these 2 sounds something different, but they are not really different. A high frequency on down to a cycle of thousands of years can still be a groove. “Frequency” is a term relative to our human experience and apparatus but there are high and low frequencies out of the range of our perception. Hearing someone sing an in tune “pitch” is in fact – perfect rhythm.

This is all just food for thought. Just as the quantum physics point to a new idea of behavior of the very large things, maybe we can look at short, fast vibrations of time to understand longer cycles in time, and vice versa.

Maybe in fact meditation, affirmation, vibration, rhythm and groove are different words for ultimately the same thing – just with different frequencies and intervals of time. Even in our regular waking state we often talk about “staying focused” to accomplish things. We set goals and come back to the vision of completed goals to choose our actions of the month, week, day – and down to the moment.

Meditiation is a focus in the moment. Affirmations, going to the gym, practicing an instrument etc are a daily focus. Church, laundry and other things of that nature are a weekly focus. Holidays are a yearly focus. Take time out of the picture and you have focused activity on a regular basis.

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Author: Adam Rafferty

Adam Rafferty. Fingerstyle Guitarist. Recording and Concert Artist. Meditator. Philosopher. Lover of Groove.

2 thoughts on “Meditation, Affirmation, Vibration and Groove

  1. nice article… its bring motivation on my practicing

  2. Thanks again for sharing !!
    i m so happy to read this forum
    it helps me getting more into music
    i was kind of stuck in a place (palying for 20 years as professional guitarist )
    now many things are connecting and the music comes
    adam thanks again !

    hope to see you in france on day
    i m leaving near lyon !
    but not much gigs for solo guitar .

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