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Guitar Spotlight: Smokin’ Joe Robinson


Guitar Spotlight: Smokin ‘ Joe Robinson

Joe Robinson is one of the shining young talents on the music scene today. He won top prize on “Australia’s got Talent” at age 14, has toured internationally and is currently honing his songwriting and vocal skills with top songwriters and producers in Nashville.

I first met Joe during my first visit to CAAS 2008 in Nashvlle. I only heard him play one tune and found myself at the dinner table with him an his Mom. His playing knocked me out, so I figured I’d come over and say hi.

What struck me about Joe immediately was that he was such a nice, humble kid. For someone who had won top prize on “Australia’s Got Talent” he had every reason in the world to not act humble. Yet, the true artist and musician in him shone forth in his great attitude. Joe is always eager to learn, always seeking to improve, and always appreciative of what life has offered him.

Wow. Cool dude.

What struck me second was his insane level of talent and dedication to music and guitar. Joe, Michael Fix, Boonchob, Masa Sumide and I all played in 2009 at the Bangkok Guitar celebration where Tommy Emmanuel headlined. I got to spend some more time with Joe there and got to check out his playing on a deeper level.

Joe may not know this, but as he played his set – Tommy , Michael and I listened and just loved what he was doing. Tommy even said “this kid is not leaving any notes for the rest of us old guys!!!”

By the way here’s the tune that got that reaction – an original of Joe’s entitled “It Ain’t Easy”. Well put!

Not only does Joe posses terrific playing, performing and personal skills but he is a great guitar composer. HIs songs have a real musical “hook” and a ferocious groove. He has a very “jazzy” direction to his music.

Here’s a more funky jazz direction on his tune “Daddy Longlicks”:

Many guitarists meander and create songs out of what their fingers do. Joe’s fingers obey what his ears and musical mind dictate, which is the proper order of things!!! As well, his songs display a keen sense of form, everything lines up, everything makes sense.

Joe is already an accomplished fingerstyle guitar player but plays GREAT electric too, and is currently in a songwriting and expanding mode. Once again – my hat is off to him for taking the necessary time out from the road to develop new skills.

Listen to Joe cover a Jeff Beck tune “Cause We Ended as Lovers”. This is a MUST listen.

Watch out for Joe Robinson – he’s destined to be one of the guitar heavyweight champions!!! Bravo Joe, I can’t wait to hear what you’ll be up to next.


Author: Adam Rafferty

Adam Rafferty. Fingerstyle Guitarist. Recording and Concert Artist. Meditator. Philosopher. Lover of Groove.

4 thoughts on “Guitar Spotlight: Smokin’ Joe Robinson

  1. wow, this kid is really good! thanks for the heads up!

  2. Joe is truly talented. I hope he makes it big in the music industry.

  3. Joe is a first rate guitarist and I have heard him sing once – his voice has the volatility of Gary Moore allied to the subltleness of George Benson. By the time he turns 30, he will win awards for both singing AND guitar playing.

  4. I wondered what happened to Joe since he appeared on Australia’s Got Talent. I think he is a great guitarist, love the Daddy Longlicks tune. I am going to practise it later.

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